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Chef’s Training & Certification

Culinary institute of India Certified Chef

Minimum Qualification – Class x for level 1 & 2,

Class 12/ HS /Intermediate pass for level 3

Chef’s  Certification Level 1 – Rs. 50000 – One year duration

Basic Skill training essential for Food production & Culinary Art in Food Production & Patisserie

Chef’s  Certification Level 2 – Rs. 70000 – One year duration

 Fundamentals of Kitchen Production & Planning. Essentials of cooking & baking. Exposure to various International cuisine skill

Chef’s  Certification Level 3 – Rs. 100000 – One year six months duration

Discover the art and science of cooking various International cuisines and regional Indian Cuisine. Baking and pastry making and develop skills such as advanced bread-making techniques and traditional baking. Mastering presentation, ingredient handling & substitution & restaurant management skills.

Chef Apprenticeship Program for Beginners – Rs 20000 – Six month duration

Training in Kitchen operation basics for all sections of kitchen. Kitchen hygiene in Food Production.  Stock & inventory handling and storing of various items. Cutting Skills and cooking skill training for food preparation.


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